We hate captchas, and so do you!

That's why we built this captcha alternative. All it takes is one click! No deciphering letters or finding images. Give it a try below! (New: Captcha solving starts as soon as you visit page to make process faster.)

That was pretty easy right?

Simply add wehatecaptchas to your site and protect your site from spam without annoying users. It works by requiring your computer to solve complex mathematical equations in the background. It's a quick process for legitimate users, but is slow and expensive for spammers.

Here's how to verify the response server-side (This is important):

Anybody can disable JavaScript to bypass this, but not if you verify the response server-side. Here's an example implementation in PHP:


What's your privacy policy?

We respect your privacy and don't store any personal information. We respect your site's flow and don't force any widgets. We keep the bots out without forcing your users to answer questions.

Is this some form of bitcoin or other cryptocoin thing?

Absolutely not. There's no cryptocoin mining of any kind being done, nor will there ever be.
Our only interaction with your visitors is to double check that they're not robots.